The Museum

Founded in 1965 by community members and missionary Rémi Dolan, the Musée des Abénakis is the first Aboriginal museum institution in Quebec. Located in the former Catholic school of Odanak, on the banks of the Saint-François River, the Museum invites you to discover the cultural richness of the Abenaki First Nation. Renovated in 2005, the Museum invites you to visit permanent and temporary exhibitions with an Aboriginal theme and to participate in cultural and educational discovery activities.

From May to October, discover the uniqueness of Odanak’s fauna and flora by following the Tolba (Turtle) hiking trail along the Saint-François River. The 2.2 km long interpretive panels will provide information on medicinal plants and various animal species such as turtles, reptiles and birds.


The Musée des Abénakis offers a historical and contemporary testimony on Abenaki culture. Committed to his community, he offers all generations experiences, know-how and traditions that testify to Abenaki’s wealth.