Cultural programming

Tales and legends under a sky of Alakwsak

During the Perseid period, come and observe the shooting stars during an evening of tales and legends in the open air. Hosted by Nicole O’Bomsawin, you will spend a pleasant evening by the fire. You will discover the immaterial culture of the Abenaki, rich in history, anecdotes and legends.

Snacks and refreshments sold on site

* This activity is presented in french only. 

Maalhakws: Abenaki and ash

With your family, discover the life course of a small maalhakws. Look at the place occupied by nature and the importance of ash in the Abenaki culture. Learn how to spot an ash tree in the forest, how to extract its fibre and how to work with its material.

In addition, everyone will be able to make beautiful works from ash ribs.

* This activity is presented in french only. 


Benefit Event

2019 Edition

On March 21, 2019, the Musée des Abénakis presented its eighth edition of its benefit cocktail. This cocktail party is a unique opportunity to experience a First Nations culinary and artistic experience. During the evening, we offered prints and a silent auction that allowed participants to acquire beautiful pieces made by Aboriginal artists and craftspeople.

On the menu during this evening; musical, artistic and culinary discoveries, silent auction where you will be able to get new works by Aboriginal artists and artisans, as well as numerous draws and prizes.

An edition not to be missed!