Permanent Exhibitions


People of the rising sun

Wôbanaki, people of the rising sun, invites you to discover the cultural and spiritual universe of the Abenaki First Nation. The visit begins with a multimedia projection that tells the Creation story according to the tradition of this ancient people. Then, we invite you to discover the history, the knowledge and the know-how of the Abenakis by following the rhythm of the seasons and lunations.

A journey that tells the story of the Abenakis and their ancestral way of life in an authentic way by presenting the tangible and intangible heritage of this First Nation.

Pemighassi 8jmow8gan

Digging into history

The Musée des Abénakis is set in the historic heart of Odanak. Along with its neighbours – the modern-day Catholic church (1901) and the chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame-de-Fatima (1947) – it is part of a remarkable heritage group of buildings. In fact, the site has an even longer history. Recent archaeological digs turned up the remains of a fortified Abenaki village built in the early 1700s. The archaeologists found part of the palisade, the remains of a longhouse, the foundations of the first chapel and such domestic amenities as sleeping and storage platforms and cooking stands. They also found artifacts proving that the site had been occupied as far back as 1571.

Now it’s your turn to delve into this history as you admire all the items they found, along with some ethnological objects from recent times! 


Our house

Thanks to the archaeological discoveries carried out on the site of the historic quadrilateral of Odanak, discover Kwigw8mna, the adaptation of an outdoor space which reproduces the place of origin where an Abenakis dwelling was found in the 19th century as well as a vegetable garden where varieties of indigenous vegetables were cultivated by the Abenakis.

This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.

Habitation traditionnelle Kwigw8mna

Temporary Exhibitions

Indians beyond Hollywood

The warrior galloping in the wild plain and the pretty Indian princess with long braids, waiting for him in a teepee, you know? And your childhood memories, such as Lucky Luke talking with the great chief of the Apaches? These images permeate the collective imagination, frozen at the time of the American Wild West. Hollywood films created these stereotypical characters, here called “Indians”, reducing to a few snapshots the rich cultural diversity of Indigenous people.

Discover the current reality of First Nations with this amazing exhibition based on the image of Aboriginal people in popular culture.


This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.

Virtual Exhibitions

Fort Odanak, 1704-1759

The search for traces of a fortified Abenaki village

In 1704, on the order of the King of France, Odanak Fort was erected to serve as a bulwark against the raids carried out by the Iroquois and the British. Today, thanks to archaeological excavations, this ancient fortified village of Abenaki reveals its secrets. Relive the history of this unique fort, discover the current site and meet the Abenakis in this online exhibition by the Musée des Abenakis.

An achievement made possible by Canadian Heritage’s Virtual Museum of Canada program.

Suivez le guide!

Abenaki guides in the private hunting and fishing clubs of Mauricie

Discover the profession of hunting and fishing guide in the private clubs of the Mauricie from 1880 to 1960. Follow the guide! pays homage to Abenakis from Odanak and recounts their work and their anecdotes.

An achievement made possible through the Canadian Heritage Stories program.

In french only.

La vannerie abénakise

From yesterday to today

A virtual exhibition that traces the history of basketry in Odanak, an art still unknown. It pays tribute to the know-how of talented craftsmen who have contributed to the economic growth of their community.

An achievement made possible through the Canadian Heritage Stories program.

In french only.