Permanent Exhibitions


People of the rising sun

Wôbanaki, people of the rising sun, invites you to discover the cultural and spiritual universe of the Abenaki First Nation. The visit begins with a multimedia projection that tells the Creation story according to the tradition of this ancient people. Then, we invite you to discover the history, the knowledge and the know-how of the Abenakis by following the rhythm of the seasons and lunations.

A journey that tells the story of the Abenakis and their ancestral way of life in an authentic way by presenting the tangible and intangible heritage of this First Nation.

Habitation traditionnelle Kwigw8mna


Thanks to the archaeological discoveries carried out on the site of the historic quadrilateral of Odanak, discover Kwigw8mna, the adaptation of an outdoor space which reproduces the place of origin where an Abenakis dwelling was found in the 19th century as well as a vegetable garden where varieties of indigenous vegetables were cultivated by the Abenakis.

This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.



B.P. Before Present

An archaeological exhibition specially designed for 9 to 99 year olds that addresses the impressive knowledge that the W8banakiak have of the natural resources present in the Ndakina, their ancestral territory.

Temporary Exhibition


We remember

This installation invites you to listen to the story of this milestone day, passed down for generations in Daniel G. Nolett’s family, but also, to celebrate the vitality of a still living community, through the magnificent photographic work of André Gill.

Virtual Exhibitions

Fort Odanak, 1704-1759

The search for traces of a fortified Abenaki village

In 1704, on the order of the King of France, Odanak Fort was erected to serve as a bulwark against the raids carried out by the Iroquois and the British. Today, thanks to archaeological excavations, this ancient fortified village of Abenaki reveals its secrets. Relive the history of this unique fort, discover the current site and meet the Abenakis in this online exhibition by the Musée des Abenakis.

An achievement made possible by Canadian Heritage’s Virtual Museum of Canada program.


Ndakina: The Abenaki People in the Eastern Townships

Presented at the Maison Merry, Magog, until spring 2023.

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples wandered through the Eastern Townships, located in the heart of Ndakina, which means “our territory” in the Abenaki language.

In this exhibition, the world of the Abenakis is revealed so you can discover their traditions and ways of life.

Alsig8ntegw. Une présence millénaire

Presented at the Promenade Rivia, Drummondville.

Throughout this exhibition, discover the universe of Joyce Panadis, the descendant of a family of artists from Odanak who have helped to make known and shine the art and culture of their people, from generation to generation.